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GAGEtrak Report Viewer

Get more control over your quality management program with the convenience and simplicity of Report Viewer.

Report Viewer is an easy-to-use utility that generates thorough, customized reports to analyze and stay ahead of trends, forecast workloads, improve efficiency and minimize costs. It connects to your GAGEtrak database, giving you access to all reports and labels. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.5+)

GAGEtrak Lite Reports

GAGEtrak Lite Reports

GAGEtrak Lite Reports is the perfect solution for users who only need access to critical reporting information.

GAGEtrak Lite Reports is a stand-alone desktop utility that connects to your GAGEtrak Lite database. It includes Report Viewer, which is strictly for viewing, printing and emailing reports, as well as Report Manager which allows for the customization of reports and labels. (Requires GAGEtrak Lite 8.1+)

Issue & Return

With GAGEtrak’s Issue & Return module, you’ll never lose track of your gages again.

This simple, easy-to-use interface provides quick access to GAGEtrak’s Issue Gages, Return Gages and Kit Entry screens and most importantly, it provides a traceable gage usage history for every gage. The Issue & Return module is a perfect solution for a gage or tool crib operator who does not need a full copy of GAGEtrak. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.5+)

Calibration Label Printer

Create durable, laminated, bar-coded calibration labels directly out of GAGEtrak to minimize mistakes and reduce costs.

This compact Brother® printer (PT-P900W desktop or PT-P950NW network) comes with cables and a starter label cartridge. The harsh-environment labels are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Use this label printer to generate highly durable, laminated labels for all of your equipment. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.8 or 7 or GAGEtrak Lite 8.1+)

CalPro Procedures

CalPro is an invaluable database of step-by-step calibration procedures. It’s a must for any calibration department.

Import any or all procedures into GAGEtrak using the provided import utility or print them as hard copy from the included DOC files. You can also use CalPro as a library of work instructions for inclusion within your company’s Quality Manual. (Requires GAGEtrak 6+)


Use CyberSensor with GAGEtrak to automatically capture environmental conditions via a USB connection (cable included).

CyberSensor monitors the temperature and relative humidity of your calibration environment, making your calibration documentation even more thorough. When you pass a calibration, CyberSensor data populates the Temperature and Humidity fields in the GAGEtrak calibration record. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.59+)

Validation Kit

This kit and our onsite validation services ensure documentation accuracy and preparedness for successful future audits.

Establish and document FDA validation of your GAGEtrak software with the GAGEtrak Validation Kit. The kit includes a validation guide and a validation database for testing the software’s functionality, preparing your SOPs for GAGEtrak, training the users of the software and documenting the formal validation report. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.8 or 7.0.4+)

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