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GAGEtrak Pro

Calibration Management Software

Why choose GAGEtrak Pro?
With a sleek, modern interface, highly intuitive navigation and impressive visibility and flexibility, GAGEtrak Pro calibration management software is the perfect combination of familiarity and a major wow factor. Whether you’re tracking calibrations by hand, spreadsheet or another legacy software program, switching to GAGEtrak Pro will revolutionize and modernize the way you manage your measurement and test equipment.

Some of the highlights:

Most recommended by auditors

Comprehensive feature set

Measurement Systems Analysis

Extensive crib management

Highly flexible calendar

Latest Microsoft .Net technology platform

Perpetual, concurrent & site licensing

GAGEtrak Pro allows you to streamline your workflow, minimize costs, maintain production schedules and ensure customer approval while maintaining compliance with international quality standards. Use GAGEtrak Pro to manage gages, monitor scheduled and unscheduled calibrations, produce calibration certificates and bar-coded labels, conduct gage R&R analysis (MSA 4th Edition) and so much more.

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We offer both perpetual and subscription licensing options with concurrent or node-locked seats. Our licensing models are very flexible and everyone’s needs are unique, so please contact us today for your free demo and a quote!

License Types

Perpetual licensing is a traditional software purchase; you pay one upfront price to own the license and have unrestricted access to it. With perpetual licensing, you can choose between node-locked or concurrent seats, depending on your organization’s needs. Perpetual licenses start at $2,199.00 (node-locked seat).

Subscription licensing allows you to pay for a 12- or 24-month renewable period, which is ideal for limited budgets and includes immediate access to software updates. You can choose between node-locked or concurrent seats for your subscription term. Subscription licenses start at $79.00 per month (node-locked seat).

Seat Types

A node-locked seat dictates that the software can only be installed and run on a single computer or device for each license.

This option allows a pool of licenses to be shared across a group of users and is based on the maximum number of users who will simultaneously use the software. Unlike a node-locked seat, a concurrent seat does not restrict installation to a single computer or device.

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