With a sleek, modern interface, highly intuitive navigation and impressive visibility and flexibility, GAGEtrak Pro calibration management software is the perfect combination of familiarity and a major wow factor.

GAGEtrak Pro is built from the ground-up with true, Client/Server functionality and based entirely on the latest Microsoft .Net technology platform. You can deploy GAGEtrak Pro with confidence on Windows 10, Windows 11, AWS, Microsoft Azure or VMWare, utilizing either our agile SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL database options.

Whether you’re tracking calibrations by hand, spreadsheet or another legacy software program, switching to GAGEtrak will revolutionize and modernize the way you manage M&TE.

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GAGEtrak Pro Full Feature List

Comprehensive calendar-based scheduling tools: after establishing schedules pertaining to your calibrations, activities, MSA studies, transfers and reminders, use the flexible calendar to view and manage the schedule; conflicts are easy to remedy with simple, drag-and-drop functionality

Configurable interface elements: split screens, grid column selectors, saved views and filters

Enhanced reporting: customizable ad-hoc and canned reports from relevant views throughout the application

Due listing dashboard: calibration, activities, MSA studies and reminders

Custodian management: store detailed information for your suppliers, staff and customers and easily monitor how they interact with your gages

Enhanced data entry and record management tools: gage cloning, find/replace tool for data entry views and complete record templates for gage families, activities and transfers

Notification manager: enhanced email notification management lets you create a custom schedule and email due lists, reports and gage events to specified recipients

Gage associations: link gages to products, custodians and even specific measurement capabilities to identify and track where gages are used

Complete measurement systems analysis: utilize R&R, ANOVA, linearity, bias and stability studies to gain control of your measurement system

Uncertainty budgeting: apply multiple contributors like hysteresis, parallax or your MSA study results to your calibration uncertainty budgets

Measurement formulas: manage and apply unique formula calculations to your measurements automatically when a result is entered during calibration

Full control of pre-defined list boxes plus availability of up to six custom fields in every major view area

Schedule pausing: eliminates unnecessary calibration cycles; gage schedules can be automatically paused based on your custom rules

Comprehensive calibration frequency adjustment tools: monitor and automatically adjust calibration frequencies based on common NCSL performance guidelines; track and monitor the cost of failed calibrations

Complete gage history tracking: see where a gage was transferred, when it was calibrated, which products it has touched – monitor the full gage lifecycle

Electronic signatures: with our role-based electronic signatures, you can sign calibration records in stages that fit your company’s specific work flow

Extensive gage crib management: transfers can follow two-step transactional or single-step routing models; transfer a single gage or multiple gages in a batch and apply configurable routing rules to fit your needs

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