No more spreadsheets or index cards.

Now is the perfect time to move away from spreadsheets and ad-hoc calibration tracking to a professional, industry-recognized calibration management software solution. GAGEtrak Lite offers the exceptional, auditor-trusted quality control GAGEtrak is famous for, all in a compact, budget-priced package for quality teams that need an uncomplicated calibration management solution. Affordable and easy to use, GAGEtrak Lite provides effective gage, calibration and procedure management as well as streamlined reporting, all within a simplified, touchscreen-friendly interface.

GAGEtrak Lite Brochure PDF

Some of the perks:

  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • Manage gages, calibrations & procedures
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Maintain traceability
  • Innovative split-screen views
GAGEtrak Lite Calibration Management Software - Simple Installation

Installs in minutes.

You can receive your software either via a download link or on physical media and the installation wizard will guide you through the simple process of installing it on your PC.

Why make the move?

Using GAGEtrak Lite instead of spreadsheets, index cards or the like, will not only help you improve efficiency, avoid common mistakes and reduce costs, but will also help you assure compliance with international quality standards (ISO and AS) and pass audits with ease.


GAGEtrak Lite for Audit Success

Affordable, one-time licensing fee.

Licensing for GAGEtrak Lite is a very affordable, one-time fee and is based solely on the number of installations. GAGEtrak Lite can be installed on a PC or tablet.

Take the next step!

We will gladly help you determine which version of GAGEtrak is right for your company and give you a free, personalized demonstration to show you how it all works, so there won’t be any surprises.