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In-version updates are released to enhance our software, repair issues and add new features. These updates are free for customers who have a current maintenance agreement or have purchased their software within 90 days preceding the update release. If you have any questions about the software update after you receive it, please contact Technical Support and have your product’s License Code or Serial Number available.

If the software version you want is not hyperlinked in the table below or if you would like to receive your update on physical media instead of downloading, please submit the form below. Otherwise, please click a version number here for update info and download links:



Version 8.1.0 – November 2017

GAGEtrak Lite
GAGEtrak Lite Reports


Version 8.0.0 – April 2016

GAGEtrak Lite


Version 7.0.5 – November 2016

GAGEtrak 7.0.5
GAGEtrak Issue & Return 7.0.5
GAGEtrak Report Viewer 7.0.5


Version 7.0.4 – Varied release dates

GAGEtrak 7.0.4 (April 2015)
GAGEtrak Report Viewer 7.0.4 (April 2015)
GAGEtrak Issue & Return 7.0.4 (May 2016)


Version 7.0.3 – September 2014

GAGEtrak 7.0.3
GAGEtrak Report Viewer 7.0.3


Version 6.80.021 – Varied release dates

GAGEtrak 6.80.021 (June 2013)
GAGEtrak Report Viewer 6.8 (May 2013)
Portable Calibration Module 6.8 (July 2011)

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If you would like to have your software shipped, please note that software will be exported from the United States in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited.

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