GAGEtrak Reviews and Testimonials

Whether you’ll use GAGEtrak to manage a handful of gages or thousands, the following GAGEtrak reviews and testimonials will illustrate how GAGEtrak will improve your productivity, reduce costs, help you pass quality audits with ease, improve measurement quality and so much more.


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GAGEtrak Reviews

Reviews and Testimonials Overall rating: 4.3 out of 5 based on 21 reviews.

Invaluable and easy to use

5 5 1
We recently updated to GAGEtrak from Progage for use in our quality lab. After a very short adjustment period, we are having no issues with its use and are wishing that we would have made the switch much earlier. The software is self-explanatory and for the few questions we have had, the built in help and available tech support have answered those in within a few minutes. I would personally suggest this software to any company in need of a similar product for calibration management.


5 5 1
When I started with 6.8 I liked, now 7.0 is even better. Being able to attach the gage cert, a picture of gage and blueprint is awesome. Also auto-email and sending email list directly from reports is very helpful. Using GAGEtrak makes your job easier.


5 5 1
The transition from 6.8 to 7 was very easy. It didn't take long for me to learn it, and teach my coworkers how to use it. I am very happy with the upgrade.

Great Product

5 5 1
This software significantly increased the professionalism of our calibration systems. The ease of adding scanned documents greatly reduced the paper trail which was burdensome in our old system. Highly recommended product.

Perfect fit for the size of our company

5 5 1
Pros: The ease of entering information. cloning gages and entering calibration procedures are very important . Cons: nothing about the software but I wish some type of training was included with the software. I found it awkward in navigating through the process but again. not your fault Overall: where do I start? Records of all tools, easy to enter in the information. Location of tools. Auditors will have no issues knowing what was done and how to look up what they need. Review Source:

New Gage Track

5 5 1
GageTrak is a wonderful program. I wish it had some tutorials included with it giving some generic explanations as I was used to working with an older version and the newer version is a little different. But overall great program that offers all the bells and whistles needed to run and maintain a great calibration program. Review Source:

Gagetrack Quality Review

5 5 1
Excellent team, well crafted training program, just needs more time for hands on real life software test and utilization. The food was excellent, the staff very supportive and would recommend the training to other colleges or friends. Review Source:

Gagetrak 6.8 Botswana

5 5 1
We have a few issues at the beginning with our installation, but with excellent support from CyberMetrics Corporation, the issues were resolved quickly and we have been enjoying our Gagetrak software ever since. Review Source:

Well worth the Money!!

5 5 1
I got the GageTrak Lite and it has made my job a lot easier! You can easily streamline your records and workload! Review Source:


5 5 1
The instructor was knowledgeable and pleasant. It would be nice to have a quick way to look up the nominal and tolerances for gages other than going into measurements. Review Source:


5 5 1
Pros: Tracking the history of calibrations, ease of making reports, tracking of prices and budgeting. Software has a lot of features Cons: The complexity of each individual window. Installation of software required an IT Admin to set up a local server. Installation of Cal Pro required IT Admin and Gagetrak Tech. Comments (Benefits): Eliminated all paper copies of Calibration Certificates. Review Source:

Very user friendly.

4 5 1
Pros: I like the navigation within the software, very east to get around. There are a lot of different ways to do certain things (shortcuts). Cons: Sometimes the loading of things take a while, but I do understand it is a big data base. Patience is key when using GageTrak. Review Source:

I am very happy with the way that GAGEtrak has simplified our calibration tracking.

4 5 1
Pros: The ease of interface for entry of information. The ability to sort and search for gages. The dashboard is extremely useful. Cons: There are not enough options for Status of gages. There is an awful lot of the fields that we do not use so having it more configurable would be great. Review Source:

Excellent support and training, Traceable records at your finger tips.

4 5 1
Pros: ease of use, Tabs makes going between gages and Calibration easer than Ver 6.8 Features like additional schedules and issue and return. Cons: Filter boxes need to close when search is done, tabs should open when clicked open from Navigation. Review Source:

Heavy-Duty Calibration Software!

4 5 1
GAGEtrak is great for those who need their maintenance system to organize and simplify their calibration schedule and record keeping. At first, understanding the system may be overwhelming, but the customer service is exceptional and they are willing to help over the phone or through email. GAGEtrak is perfect for those who desire their calibration system to handle a heavy workload or even for those who want a well organized software program to help manage their maintenance schedule. Review Source:

GAGEtrak 7

4 5 1
Pros: Alot of features, easy to manipulate and populate, works well and communicates with other outside devices Cons: Training was not very good. no in between sessions for people that have experience with gage calibration software of any kind Overall: Software is great. Training that we went through was not very helpful in most cases. needs to be a happy medium that shows people how to use the software but not go into great detail but also not too little detail. Review Source:

Gagetrak Review

4 5 1
Heather Mund was a great help with our decision to choose gagetrak . With Heather's web demo we were able to see the functionality of gagetrak and if it was right for our company. The report viewer is a time saver and the email feature is another great tool. The little delay in moving from one screen to another is a little annoying sometimes. Review Source:

A worthy upgrade from Version 6.xx

4 5 1
Upgrading from 6.11 to 7 is practically seamless. 5.xx users will need tech support to convert your database. New users will find the help files quite useful and tech support has been outstanding solving problems and getting help. Obviously a lot more options than with 6.11. Small shops will find this relatively easy to use while large corporations with lots of personnel will have all the tools available to determine the real status and acceptability of their gauges. As nice as this software is, it isn't with out it problems. When you first launch GAGEtrak and click on Gages in the navigation window, an error window pops up stating "The Form Gage Master Entry is not available in database". Closing the window and clicking on Gages a second time brings up the form view of the first gauge in the database. In 6.11 you could scroll though the database entries in the form view with the mouse wheel. While this was a nice feature in 6.xx, it created other unexpected problems if you weren't paying attention. In 7.x this has been disabled. However, there is now a small search window next to the navigation buttons. As soon as you type something in that window GAGEtrak begins searching based on what is typed. It doesn't wait for you to finish and you don't have to press Enter. Nice touch.. and FAST. If, by chance, you happen to open the Set Label/Weights window, you will find it's too big to fit on the screen (1366x768). It's difficult to close and can't be resized. The Options and Tool toolbars are not that usable. Well, they are, if you don't mind them being on top of everything and being in the way. They cover over the open windows you are working in. They should have been left as small buttons at the top or be able to slide up like the Navigation window can. As a result, switching from Form view to Datasheet view is a real pain with multiple clicks. Other than the few quirks I've found, I'm not at all dissatisfied. It serves our need quite well.

My review on Gagetrak

4 5 1
What was the best part about using GAGEtrak? GageTrak is without doubt one of the leader into calibration management software. If you are planning to buy this product, therefore, you will have a great customer assistance during implementation and learning processes, the customer support is excellent and the agents are very responsive. Calibration records can be created and saved including attached files and scanned certificates. What would you change about your experience with GAGEtrak? GageTrak is a bit over priced comparing to some Calibration management software available. Reports on GageTrak are generated on the fly and they contain usually useful information. Depspite this, GageTrak is known for its accurate results and sleek workflow. I did not encounter any issue or downtime while using GageTrak calibration tool by CyberMetrics. Overall Feedback GageTrak has made a great user interface which makes its features easily founded. I highly recommend giving GageTrack Calibration Management a try in order to get familiarized on how it works. GageTrak is a standard in the industry and it is in compliance with ISO. CyberMetrics is offering a very good documentation on how to install and use GageTrak. Review Source:

Gagetrack 7

2 5 1
Harder to work with than older version plus is very slow even though I have a fast computer. Wish I would have kept the older version.

Daily frustrations

2 5 1
Rushed this out the door didn't you? Been using the software for some time now. Core abilities are functional, that's all I can say that is positive about this program. Nothing works smoothly, all the fine details and typical basic functionality of a professional windows based program are missing. Start from login screen. Active window is not active window. Need to click on every window which may or may not be on top of the program. Cursor should be located within the new window every time, basic stuff here. Escape key does not close a window. Information tends to be fragmented and in different windows. Cannot change data in certain windows, need to be in specific area. Spends some time on the details people.... Or hire someone who with more experience than a college grad. If it was up to me... my recommendation is that we scrap this whole program and find something more professional for our use company wide.

GAGEtrak Testimonials

AWC services its customer base in North America with an efficient integrated production system that incorporates die-casting, finishing, machining and assembly to meet ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and TS 16949 certification requirements and has been recognized with several Quality, Delivery and Productivity improvement awards. AWC uses GAGEtrak to manage, track and calibrate over three thousand various gages, instruments and pieces of test equipment with many thousands of calibrations scheduled every year.

Danny Trimble, AWC’s primary user of GAGEtrak, found GAGEtrak in place when he began with AWC in 2005 and has used the software ever since. Trimble notes that GAGEtrak was originally selected and later upgraded because it “…offered everything we needed to accurately track our many calibrations: flexibility, individuality, reports, data collection and retrieval… all of it.” Key areas in which GAGEtrak has helped Trimble and AWC are data tracking and accuracy. “Time savings is immense and critical. Data retrieval capabilities are very good. Our TS audits are a breeze with all the calibration data at our fingertips,” says Trimble. “I have complete trust in the daily Calibration Due list. It is a key factor in my day-to-day planning.”

With a goal of becoming the world’s leading die-casting producer, Ahresty is serious about quality and product performance and chooses GAGEtrak because it’s “the most accurate, dependable, and timely calibration tracking system ever put in service.”

Danny Trimble

Ahresty Wilmington Corporation (AWC)

Founded in 1996, Aisin Automotive Casting is a division of Aisin Seiki Co., LTD. with locations worldwide. 430 team members work out of the Clinton, TN location which has been recognized with multiple quality-related awards over the past several years including the ISO/QS 9000 Quality Management System Award and the Toyota Quality/Delivery Certificate. These awards reflect the Aisin commitment to “maintain a quality system that strives for customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, defect prevention, and reduction of variation and waste.” Aisin Automotive Casting chose GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software in 1996 to ensure they continuously meet this goal.

In addition to the Clinton, TN location, five other USA Aisin locations also use GAGEtrak including the light metals and drive train plants. Aisin Automotive Casting is responsible for managing 3,000 gages and for conducting over 3,600 calibrations each year to maintain their Quality First philosophy, and counts on GAGEtrak to keep them on course. Aisin’s primary customers are also CyberMetrics’ customers that use GAGEtrak. Toyota (11 locations), General Motors (55 locations) and JTEKT (3 locations) are all currently using GAGEtrak to manage, track and calibrate their various gages, instruments and test equipment.

Ed Carbo has used GAGEtrak since 2012 at the Aisin Tennessee location and notes that it “made my work a lot easier!” Carbo also commented on the training and support services offered by CyberMetrics for GAGEtrak stating that they are “very good.”

Ed Carbo

Aisin U.S.A. Manufacturing, Inc.

Alcoa is the world leader in the production and management of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina combined, through its active and growing participation in all major aspects of the industry: technology, mining, refining, smelting, fabricating and recycling. The Lafayette, IN location produces aerospace components as well as aluminum extrusions and tubes for customers worldwide. To help assure quality and ensure measurement accuracy, Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions chooses GAGEtrak as their calibration management system.

While there are over 30 Alcoa US and international facilities that have GAGEtrak installed, the Lafayette location is responsible for managing thousands of gages and pieces of test equipment and conducting thousands of calibrations each year to ensure accurate and reliable measurements. Alcoa chose GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software to track their metrology assets, schedule their calibrations and maintain a system that is compliant with their corporate quality requirements and standards.

Prior to GAGEtrak, the company used paper files to track calibrations. Alcoa’s Scott Lockwood has used GAGEtrak since 2007 and notes that GAGEtrak was chosen because of its tracking features. When asked about his favorite features, Lockwood highlighted “tracking and record cloning” as the most valuable features for his day-to-day needs. Lockwood notes that GAGEtrak support services and training are good and that he receives “great service when I call in.”

Scott Lockwood


Founded in 1988 in Queensbury, N.Y., AngioDynamics is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative therapeutic devices used for minimally invasive medical treatment and is selling in over 50 markets worldwide. Prior to 2004, AngioDynamics’ Ben Gleason used Excel to manage his gages and calibrations and that worked fine for a while. However, when his responsibilities grew to tracking nearly 4,000 instruments and performing over 2,000 calibrations annually, he needed a more robust, secure system; that’s when he chose GAGEtrak. Making the leap from spreadsheets to GAGEtrak calibration management software was an easy choice for AngioDynamics and has proven invaluable for FDA audits.

Gleason is most impressed by GAGEtrak’s reporting features and FDA compliance. “It is so much easier to get a list of what is required at any given time and there’s a history of transactions for audits. Overall, it’s a very good product. Pretty easy to use and the FDA has not been able to find fault with our process since we started using it.”

Gleason also uses the GAGEtrak BEACON email notification system and the Calibration Label Kit to further streamline his workflow and when asked about his experience with the CyberMetrics support team, Gleason said, “Support has been absolutely fantastic! [The staff is] knowledgeable, courteous, patient and good-humored – a real pleasure to work with.”

Ben Gleason


The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services in the areas of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology. The Automotive Technology division is Bosch’s largest business sector in North America employing approximately 12,200 associates at approximately 30 primary locations.

While there are 29 Bosch US and international facilities that have GAGEtrak installed, Ben Thomas of the Anderson, SC location of Robert Bosch is responsible for managing 4,500 gages and conducting 4,000 calibrations each year to ensure accurate and reliable measurements of their gasoline systems products.

Prior to GAGEtrak, the company used filing cabinets and index cards to track calibrations. Bosch chose GAGEtrak Calibration Management Software simply because “GAGEtrak works best for our operation,” says Ben Thomas. They use GAGEtrak to track their metrology assets, schedule their calibrations and maintain a system that is compliant with their corporate quality requirements and standards. With GAGEtrak, the calibration tracking process at Robert Bosch became almost paperless. “GAGEtrak streamlined our recall process,” says Thomas.

As a leading global supplier of automotive and industrial technology, Bosch is serious about quality and performance and chooses GAGEtrak to help ensure accurate, reliable measurements of their gasoline systems products.

Ben Thomas

The Bosch Group

In 1938, Edelbrock started in a modest four-car repair shop in Los Angeles. Today, the Edelbrock name is known worldwide for high-quality performance automotive components. Manufacturing a wide range of high-precision, high-performance engine components to meet ISO 9001 certification is a complicated and challenging business.

Kevin Brewis, Edelbrock’s Calibration Technician, is responsible for ensuring that the company’s thousands of gages, fixtures and pieces of test equipment are properly managed, tracked and calibrated across five divisions. To accomplish this, he uses GAGEtrak calibration management software.

While Edelbrock has used GAGEtrak since 1998, Brewis became the main user in 2008 and found right away that “GAGEtrak is very user-friendly and easy to learn.” Brewis likes that GAGEtrak allows him to track replacement costs on any gage, print monthly workload reports ahead of time and search and track missing tools in the past; allowing him to show an auditor exactly when a tool went missing as needed during an audit.

In addition to its ease of use and audit capabilities, Brewis enjoys the speed that GAGEtrak provides; he likes that he can “…pull up my calibration records and print a calibration sticker in less time than it takes to boot up my computer.” Brewis estimates, “GAGEtrak pays for itself ten-fold every year” and noted that “without GAGEtrak, this job would be impossible.”

Brewis has had great success with the CyberMetrics support team, commenting that “there hasn’t been a question they haven’t answered or a problem they haven’t solved.”

Kevin Brewis


Founded in 1919 and with more than 60,000 employees worldwide, Halliburton serves the upstream oil and gas industry throughout the life cycle of the reservoir – from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion and optimizing production through the life of the field.

Responsible for ensuring that the company’s several thousand gages are properly managed, tracked and calibrated, Halliburton’s Kathy Paredes needed to save time, reduce costly errors and inconsistencies associated with storing and tracking data via spreadsheets and implement company-wide standardization of gage and calibration data.

Halliburton initially installed one license of GAGEtrak at a single location in early 2005 because it is “easier to use and has a place for all the required information to maintain our gages,” Paredes says. She also notes that her favorite GAGEtrak features are “the calibration due list and the ability to develop custom reports.” Paredes has also had great success with CyberMetrics’ support team, commenting that “the support team is very helpful and they teach me something new every time I call.”

Halliburton has found GAGEtrak to be such a valuable asset that since 2005, they’ve installed GAGEtrak at an additional 61 locations worldwide. Halliburton continues to use GAGEtrak “because it is the best fit for all locations whether they calibrate their own gages or have them outsourced.”

Kathy Paredes


As a calibration laboratory, Industrial Instruments manages equipment calibration requirements for more than 300 companies in a wide range of industries. In business since 1976, they know that one of the key components to success is having an easy-to-manage software program that lets them keep track of their clients’ records.

According to Industrial Instruments’ Vice President of Technical Services Gary Starr, the old MS-DOS-based program they were using back in 2000 was no longer as sophisticated as they needed it to be. Looking for something user friendly, cost effective and highly functional, the company chose GAGEtrak.

“GAGEtrak is an excellent value for the price,” says Starr. “It produces higher quality reports and certificates than our previous software. It also has more functionality than our previous product.”

Additionally, Starr likes GAGEtrak’s ability to export reports as HTML, allowing customers to check equipment status through Industrial Instruments’ website. He is also pleased with the software’s cloning feature, which he notes “cuts down on data entry errors” and lessens the amount of time it takes to input information.

“The staff at CyberMetrics is very professional and very helpful,” says Starr. “On top of that, the willingness to work with us to adapt the product to fit our needs is very helpful and much appreciated.”

Gary Starr

Industrial Instruments, Inc.

Ambel Precision is a subsidiary of Magellan Aerospace, a Canadian company with over 80 years of collective knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry. The organization officially adopted the name “Magellan Aerospace Corporation” in 1996, deriving it from the intrepid explorer Ferdinand Magellan. His global exploits at the turn of the 15th century established a number of firsts. Magellan’s vision is to carry this same legacy into the future of the aerospace industry. Magellan develops and produces complex and integrated products and services that bring value to their customers; they serve the civil aerospace and defense market as well as industrial power applications of aerospace engine technology.

Since 1996, ten Magellan locations across two countries have chosen GAGEtrak calibration management software to track their gage and calibration data. James Brooks of the Ambel Precision Connecticut location has used GAGEtrak calibration management software since 2007 to track the 3,985 gages and 18,000 annual calibrations for which he is responsible. GAGEtrak was chosen simply because it’s “the best.”

Prior to using GAGEtrak, Ambel tracked their gage and calibration data by hand on paper; it was clear they needed a more efficient method that would “keep everything at (our) fingertips” and would reduce the likelihood of human error.

Brooks says that GAGEtrak is the “best control in the company” and is pleased that GAGEtrak helps him keep his data current and track gage locations.

James Brooks

Magellan Aerospace - Ambel Precision Manufacturing

Metso Paper is a global supplier of sustainable technology and services for mining, construction, energy, metal recycling and the pulp and paper industries. Metso’s offering also includes selected products for dairy, oil and gas industries.

Metso’s Aiken Service Center in South Carolina focuses on the company’s pulp and paper industry and chooses GAGEtrak calibration management software to track its 335 instruments and gages for over 275 calibrations each year.

Jeff Vuick has been the Aiken facility’s primary GAGEtrak user since the company purchased it; Vuick’s supervisor had used GAGEtrak at a previous company and recommended the software be brought into the Aiken facility in 2009. The move to GAGEtrak was a big one, as the company had previously used spreadsheet programs and paper notices to track calibrations.

GAGEtrak was all new to Vuick as he undertook the task of transferring all of the data from the old system into GAGEtrak and he shared his thoughts on the Cloning function which helped immensely in setting up GAGEtrak: “Cloning – this is a great feature!” Since then, Vuick says that GAGEtrak has become “a helpful tool [to] track our calibrations for ISO. This system is known to the ISO auditors; this is a big plus for our company.” GAGEtrak is now an integral part of Metso, helping to streamline calibration tracking and assuring ISO audits are passed with ease.

Jeff Vuick

Metso Paper

Nipro Corporation was established in 1954 under the management philosophy of contributing to society through its business activities. Today, Nipro Pharmapackaging products are used on a global scale and lead the world market. The Nipro brand is highly regarded worldwide for its technological superiority and high quality.

Diana Coblentz of the Westport, IN location reports that prior to GAGEtrak, the company used an Access program that was designed in-house. They later decided that a validated system was required to track their gage and calibration data, so they selected GAGEtrak, the world’s #1 calibration management software solution.

Since 2007, Coblentz has used GAGEtrak to manage the calibrations of approximately 250 gages and notes that she has configured the software to email her a list of calibrations due every day, which saves time and assures that no gage will be forgotten. Coblentz says that GAGEtrak is, “…efficient – covers all areas needed for calibration.” Coblentz also reports, “Our customers like this system better than what we had.”

The company has also taken advantage of GAGEtrak regional training and the calibration label kit to reduce the learning curve and improve efficiency even further. And on the CyberMetrics support team, Coblentz says, “Everyone I have worked with for support was very helpful and nice to work with. [The CyberMetrics] support team does a great job.”

Diana Coblentz

Nipro PharmaPackaging

Pilkington North America manufactures and markets glass and glazing products for the architectural and automotive markets. As laboratory assistant for Pilkington’s float glass plant in Lathrop, CA, Richard Nelson is responsible for tracking the calibrations and locations of over 475 active tools and gages. Combined with the fact that calibration schedules range from quarterly to yearly, using both external and internal calibrators, Nelson faced some difficulties.

“We knew when an item had been last calibrated, and sometimes where it had been at that time. We could get data on which items had not been calibrated only on those items covered in the yearly external calibration, but seldom did we know where the item was actually located, or who had/owned it,” Nelson said. The lab’s external calibrators also had problems preparing for the annual process. Since they didn’t know which gages needed calibration, they couldn’t make sure that they brought all the necessary equipment with them.

To better organize the calibration process, the lab needed a flexible calibration management software program. They chose GAGEtrak because it “suited our needs the best,” Nelson says. “GAGEtrak allows us to track all the gages, no matter who the calibrator is, and sort for gages by multiple criteria.” Nelson began converting his existing system in May of 1999 and had fully implemented GAGEtrak within six months. “Now I know which items are where, their current calibration status and even if the item is owned by the company or by the individual. And when a calibration comes due, I am automatically notified. I also know who to contact to have it brought in or who to issue a calibration work order to. This is a quantum leap from what we had before we started using GAGEtrak.”

GAGEtrak’s issue tracking records help Nelson “track the location of each gage, so that local recall lists may be issued for gages that need calibration.” He’s also uses the software to trace past locations for gages that are “dropped off with no information on where they had come from, or what was wanted.”

Nelson distributes GAGEtrak’s automatic notifications to the responsible department heads, which has “made my work more efficient and timely,” he says. The lab’s external calibrators appreciate GAGEtrak’s reports. “They now know how many items they will have to calibrate when they get here, and which items, and can have all the appropriate equipment,” said Nelson. “The ability to track things and generate new lists the same day has enabled me to keep close track on the calibration process and ensure a clean sweep during the yearly calibration process. As I now know the locations of the tools and gages, I can see that everything that needs to be brought in is actually brought in and I can go out and get things which have not come in.”

Richard Nelson was happy to report that “the calibration in December of 1999 was the smoothest plant-wide calibration we had in several years, and all due to GAGEtrak.”

Richard Nelson

Pilkington Glass

Whenever critical decisions need to be made, Thales has a role to play. In all the markets they serve – defense, security, space, aerospace and ground transportation – their understanding of the Critical Decision Chain helps customers to decide and act in a timely fashion and obtain the best outcomes. World-class technologies and the combined expertise of 67,000 employees in 56 locally based country operations make Thales a key player in assuring the security of citizens, infrastructure and nations.

Thales has been a loyal GAGEtrak customer since 1997. Having had GAGEtrak experience from a previous position, Bruce Whidden of the Ontario, CA location was able to jump right in and has used GAGEtrak at Thales for many years now. Whidden and his team use GAGEtrak to manage over 300 gages, fixtures and pieces of test equipment and over 200 calibrations per year.

Whidden says that GAGEtrak is “easy to use” and has helped the company most in terms of keeping calibrations up to date. Of all of the available features, his favorite is record cloning, which he says, “…cuts my time when entering multiple items with 90% of the same information.”

Thales has also taken advantage of GAGEtrak technical support and notes that the tech support team is “excellent – always found a solution.”

Bruce Whidden

Thales Group

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