Technical Support

software licensing

for GAGEtrak Pro or Lite versions 8 and related stand-alone products

License Code

Your GAGEtrak version 8 software products will require a license code to run. If you have purchased the software, or wish to run a trial, you can obtain a license code from our Tech Support team or one of our authorized distributors.


Product Activation

GAGEtrak versions 8 require a persistent Internet connection for product activation and for ongoing license management.

You will be prompted for a license code the first time you attempt to run GAGEtrak; the license form will provide the means to enter and then check your license code. Once activated, you will not be prompted for this code again, unless you completely uninstall and reinstall the product. You can view your license code and other activation information in the About window within your software.

Troubleshooting License Issues

If you are having trouble registering your license code, then you are likely restricted in some way from reaching our license host. A simple test can be performed on your PC to determine if you are blocked by browsing to If you can access this site, then our software is being prohibited in some other way from validating your license. Proxy servers and firewalls can restrict certain inbound and outbound traffic and for certain ports or URLs.



In the case of a firewall restriction, you will need to ask your help desk or IT provider if they are restricting this site and if so, request that they whitelist these sites.

GAGEtrak License Host Sites and Port Information:

  • License Activation and Validation
    Port 443 tcp (https), Allow IP:

Note: Whitelisting the qualified domain name “” is recommended versus using the IP, as this can change over time.


Proxy Servers

If a proxy server is employed at your location, go to the About window (Help -> About -> License Management -> License Proxy tab) to enter proxy host and authentication information. This will allow our application to negotiate access to our license host.