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Join our Support Community which provides access to our GAGEtrak knowledge base, ticket creation, progress and history and live chat with our Tech Support team. Click the button below to get started!

Guides, Infotips and Help Systems

For how-to questions, please first consult your product’s guide(s), infotips or help system, where applicable. Infotips provide useful information about various features and functions throughout GAGEtrak Pro and GAGEtrak Lite. Hover your mouse cursor over an infotip icon infotip icon to get context-related information for that field’s purpose or capability.

In the boxes below, find your product and version and then click to expand the group of documents. Each group also includes instructions for accessing the software’s help system, where applicable, in the Learning Resources and Support document.

Before You Enter the Support Community:

To receive technical support, you must have an active maintenance agreement and know your product name, version number and serial number.

When you submit a ticket through the Support Community, one of our skilled technicians will evaluate your issue and contact you with a solution or set up a remote session using GoToAssist to troubleshoot your issue.

Please click the appropriate button below to proceed. If you prefer, you can reach out to our Technical Support team at +1 (480) 212-1257.

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Tech Support Hours

M-F 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., MST.

Software Licensing

For GAGEtrak Pro or Lite version 8 and associated stand-alone products, please click here for licensing instructions and troubleshooting information.

For versions of our software prior to version 8, please click here to generate your trigger code in order to register your software license.

Maintenance Agreements

It’s important to keep your MA up to date. Click here for renewal info.

Software Updates

Click here for the latest releases and to request an update.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

View or download the GAGEtrak End User License Agreement (EULA) here.

Feature Suggestions

Have a great idea for a GAGEtrak feature? Please tell us about it here!