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Instead of entering Test Points one by one or every time you create a new calibration, use Test Point Groups in GAGEtrak 7 to maximize your efficiency.

The Test Point Group replaces the Standard Group found in GAGEtrak prior to version 7. The Test Point Group is a feature which allows for the entry of all measurement steps (Test Points) required to pass a specific type of gage. A specific type of gage may be a 6 inch caliper, a torque wrench with step ranges or even a multi-meter. The significant improvement to this feature is the ability to use multiple master or reference gages on a single test point.

In this example, test points will be manually entered, though they can also be entered with the Prefill function which will be covered in a future tech tip.

This tech tip assumes that master gages have been properly entered in Gages so they are available for selection throughout GAGEtrak. In GAGEtrak 7, navigate to Calibrations Utilities -> Test Point Group:

The red rectangle indicates the sub-form containing the individual Test Points. The navigation buttons at the bottom of the sub-form are used to navigate through the individual Test Points within a single Test Point Group.

The navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen are used to navigate through the Test Point Groups themselves.

A Test Point Group can accommodate very complex measurement requirements. Here, we will review the simplest style of group (i.e., the equivalent to a Standard Group in previous versions of GAGEtrak).

In Test Point Group entry, if data already exists, click the New Record button in order to proceed with this example. For this example, we will use a 0 to 1 inch micrometer.

It is not unusual for the Test Point Group's name and description to be the same or similar on basic gages. So, enter 0-1 Micrometer in the Test Point Group (name) field, and 0-1 inch Micrometer in the Group Description field.

The specifications for this gage are as follows; enter the data into the appropriate fields:
  • Resolution: .0005 (the smallest increment the gage will measure)
  • + Tolerance: .001
  • - Tolerance: .001
  • Operating Range: 0-1 inches

These tolerances are “master” tolerances and will be applied to all Test Points, unless specific tolerances are entered for the individual Test Point.

By default, the Test Points are sorted by the Test Point ID field. Numbering them ensures they will appear in the order in which you want the tests performed. Therefore, the first Test Point ID is called 01. You may add some detail such as Visual Check.

Because this is a check to assess the condition of the gage, the “result” will be Yes (it is in good condition) or No (it is not in good condition). A yes/no, go/no go, true/false Test Point is an Attribute type of Test Point. So in the Type field, select A for Attribute. This action removes unneeded fields from the sub-form because in the Calibrations -> Measurement tab, you will simply be asked to select yes or no. You may enter notes explaining what should be looked for in the text box under the Type field:

Click the New Record button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the sub-form. This creates a new empty Test Point record.

Enter a second Test Point ID of 02. This will be an actual measurement, so select Type V for variable. Units: enter the unit of measure (inches in this example)
  • Format: select 4 decimal places for this example. You will get a message if you select a number of digits that is less than any existing entry.
  • The tolerance fields specific to this test point should only be used if the values differ from the “master” tolerances of the group.
  • Nominal value (or target or desired measurement): .200
  • GAGEtrak will calculate the Minimum and Maximum for that nominal value based on the group's tolerances. The Minimum will calculate to .199 and the Maximum will calculate to .201. Note that the Minimum, Nominal and Maximum data is changed to conform to the settings in the Format field.

Part of a Test Point ID is linking the gage you are verifying to the master gage. The lower half of the sub-form will contain the information about the recommended master gage. Click the Edit Reference Standards button to see a list of available master gages. Select the master gage you wish to use by clicking Add. Answer No to the ensuing message. Close the form by clicking the X in the upper right corner. The gage you selected will appear in the bottom half of the sub-form:

Now enter Test Point IDs 03 and 04. The nominal value for 03 is .700 and for 04 is 1.0:

This completes the entries for a basic gage!

We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your GAGEtrak software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.
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