GAGEtrak 7.0.4

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During installation, you will be prompted to enter the Serial Number of your software; if you have purchased the software, this number is either provided by your sales representative or it can be found within your product packaging. If you are using the software as a free 30-day trial, leave the Serial Number field blank and simply continue with installation. If you have any issues with installation, please contact us.


GAGEtrak 7.0.4 Software Download

Due to integration with Microsoft Office features, it is important to choose the download appropriate to your version of Microsoft Office.

Download a GAGEtrak 7.0.4 Setup.exe file below (either Standard or FDA Edition and compatible with your version of Office). When prompted, save the file to your computer. The installer may start automatically; if not, double click the Setup.exe file to begin the installation. During installation, you will be prompted for an Extraction Code; if you do not have an Extraction Code, please contact your sales representative.


Database Upgrade

If you were previously running GAGEtrak 7.0.3 or earlier, you will need to run the Data Utility to upgrade your database and reports prior to launching GAGEtrak 7.0.4 for the first time. Please access the Data Utility instructions by clicking the link below.

Data Utility Instructions


User Guides

GAGEtrak includes a Help System that is accessible from within the software; that same instructional content is also available in PDF format below. The Learning Resources and Support PDF file provides instructions for accessing the Help System.

Learning Resources and Support

GAGEtrak 7.0.4 Getting Started Guide

GAGEtrak 7.0.4 User Guide


Product Registration

A trigger code is required to register your GAGEtrak license. After installation, obtain a trigger code using the instructions in the file below. If this is not completed within 30 days of installation, GAGEtrak will inform you that the evaluation period has expired. Obtaining a trigger code will remove this expiration.

Trigger Code Instructions


Get Your Trigger Code Now

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